a person sitting down with a skateboard

Nollie is a 180 from ordinary.

 A short ride from the ASU campus, you’ll find a neighborhood that’s ripe for exploration. A place where the mainstream still hasn’t invaded, and the indie spirit roams free. If you’re not familiar, this is East Tempe. And tucked within it you’ll find a community that’s welcoming, countercultural, and proud of it. This is Nollie, offering studio, one-, and two-bedroom apartment homes.

A community of makers, artists, and culture-shapers, our residents are happy to go against the grain. Maybe that’s why we’re named after a standard skateboard trick. The reference suits us well. After all, we’re not just trying to get through life; we’re here to leave a mark. This explains our bright, artistic design vibe. From our coffee shop to our apartments, we don’t hold back on expression. This is a community comfortable in its own skin.

a group of cactus